Wednesday, 29 January 2014

          As I write this it is raining and looks like it will do all day, such a contrast to yesterday morning when Twiggs and I enjoyed a leisurely stroll along Mile End Park and through the Cemetery Park it was chilly but the sun was shining and everywhere was alive with small birds and squirrels. There are small clusters of snowdrops and crocus already in bloom and countless green spears shooting up from the ground ready to burst into a riot of colour and the daffodils are not far behind in fact a few have opened in the Cemetery Park. The wet weather shows off the mosses and lichens beautifully enhancing all the shades of colour, it really was a very pretty morning.
          I do hope you will be able to join me for our next nature walk to enjoy these delights, we will meet at the top of the Green Bridge at Mile End at 12 o'clock on Saturday February the 8th, please bring a drink and snack we shall be walking towards Victoria Park sometimes beside the Regents Canal, so please keep any small children safe. Whatever the weather I will be there there's always something to see, so please dress accordingly and allow me to show you some of the wonders of our neighborhood.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year everybody I wonder what gems nature has in store for us this year? As I write this the sun is out and there are lots of small birds about taking advantage of the sunshine and the daffodils I have in pots on my patio are starting to sprout, but we haven't really had winter yet! It's a fine day for taking a stroll in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, it's full of the sound of robins and other small birds right now and a wonderful place to relax and forget about things for a while, I shall be going there this afternoon with my dog to soak up some of the atmosphere.
I hope you will be joining me next month for our walk to Victoria Park on the 8th, I shall be posting full details soon, meanwhile enjoy the nature and green spaces around us there is plenty to be spotted.