Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Where have all my intrepid nature watchers disappeared to? The last two walks have been very disappointing as nobody joined me! The Poplar Naturewatch Club is one year old next month and I can't celebrate alone, we will be holding an indoor event at St Paul's Way Centre at the end of next month to mark this milestone with a walk in the Cemetery Park after weather permitting, details will be posted shortly. Meanwhile there is still so much to see out there on any given day, the fungi are coming into there own right now and with less leaves on the trees our resident birds are getting easier to spot. Millwall Dock has a good amount of tufted ducks right now I spent a while feeding stale crumpets to them the other evening, unlike the coots and mallards these little ducks dive for their food the water is so clear there at the moment that it's easy to watch them, there is also an abundance of small fish and quite large pale crabs to watch out for.