Monday, 18 March 2013

Exciting news.

A few months ago Nick Martin of Poplar HARCA's Green Network put our Naturewatch Club forward for the City Bridge Trust's Diamond Jubilee Programme, Growing Localities Awards, we were seconded by Kenneth Greenaway at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park a huge thankyou to them both for believing in our little group we have made it to the short list! The awards ceremony will be on April the 11th at the Barbican Centre, if we are lucky enough to win we will be able to buy all the equipment our club needs for forthcoming adventures with nature, so fingers crossed everybody but even getting to the final is an achievement there were many entrants.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Mile End Ecology Ponds

Thankyou to the intrepid nature watchers who braved the weather to join me for a visit to the ecology ponds at Mile End Park today. We were fortunate that the rain eased off in time for us to try a little pond dipping, we didn't find very much just a few water snails, a small water beetle and a tiny fish, probably a stickleback, but spring is about to burst forth in a few weeks the trees and bushes have tiny buds all over them and some trees already have blossom. Of course we were accompanied by the calls of small birds constantly, they know spring isn't far off and are starting to pair up and find nest sites.

When we have our next walk on the 20th of April there will be a lot more wildlife to see, we have decided to revisit the Cemetery Park to see what has changed, the last time we were there it was covered in a layer of snow I suspect it will be bursting with new life. I look forward to seeing you there, we will meet at 2pm outside the Soanes Centre and I will bring the pond dipping gear, meanwhile remember to keep your ears and eyes open you can tell us about the wonderful things you have seen when we all meet again.